Blast Freezer Solutions

The Blast Freezer solutions focus on the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, and other industries in need of independent blast freezing.

Blast Freezer

Advantages of Renting a Dawsongroup USA Blast Freezer

  • Different sizes available
  • Medium and long-term rental
  • High-performance fan for optimal air speed
  • 30-minute fire rating
  • Air control flaps to optimize performance
  • Technical advice and training
  • Flat, insulated plastic base with anti-slip coating
  • Floor load capacity 1,500 kg / m² m (307.2 psf)
  • Person Trap Alarm
  • Security door opening from the inside
  • Complete data recording
  • Temperature alarm
  • Bright interior lighting

Options & Accessories

  • Base frames for ramp docking
  • 24-hour service support – 365 days a year

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