Dawsongroup DG Rooms

Cold Storage Solutions for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, and other industries in need of temperature controlled storage.


Advantages at a Glance

  • A4 sizes ranging from 200sq ft, 311sq ft, 433sq ft to 564 sq foot rooms
  • Medium and long-term rentals possible
  • 30-minute fire rating
  • Temperature range of the refrigerated containers: minus 30°C to plus 25°C (-22°F to 77°F)
  • Poly coatings inside and outside for easy cleaning
  • Flat, insulated base with anti-slip coating
  • No door lock below the floor
  • Floor load capacity 1,500 kg / m² (307.2 psf)
  • Double-leaf and fully insulated cold room door with frame heating
  • Security door opening of the refrigerated container from the inside
  • Strip curtain
  • Insulation walls, ceiling, and floor – 6”
  • Best energy efficiency
  • Person Trap Alarm
  • Power Failure Alarm
  • Min./max. Temperature Alarm
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Battery-backed emergency lighting

DG Rooms

DG200 (20ft x 13.4ft x 9ft )

DG311 (29ft x 13.4ft  x 9ft)

DG443 (40ft x 13.4ft x 9ft)

DG564 (50ft x 13.4ft x 9ft)

Options & Accessories

  • DG Room Freeze down to -40°C (-40°F)
  • HotBox up to +80°C  (176°F)
  • Base frames
  • Additional doors
  • Wide doors
  • All DG Rooms meet FDA guidelines (GMP and GDP)
  • 24-hour service support – 365 days a year
+Dual Refrigeration Systems
Each DG room can be fitted with dual autonomous Sigma refrigeration systems providing full 100% back-up with auto-switch over in the event of fault occurring. The two systems are set to modulate lead run on a timer programme to ensure balanced usage.

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