Commercial Cold Rooms / Refrigerated Containers

Our Refrigerated Containers with durability, sustainability, and peace of mind, to allow your business to optimize its cold storage efficiency at an affordable price. Our standard cold room is designed to keep your products at their designated temperature and is an energy-efficient and easy solution for companies to store bulk product at a specific temperature setpoint.

Features & Advantages

of Refrigerated Containers


  • Available models C20 (20 foot) and C40 (40 foot)
  • Internal temperature setpoint of -40°C to +45°C (-40°F to 113°F)
  • All our units are High Cube (9ft 6in, 2.9m)
  • Easy open double doors with 70/30 split
  • Plug and Play connection
  • Flat Floor with 4 drain holes
  • LED internal lighting & Sliding strip curtain
  • Person trap and mains failure alarm

Available to Rent or Outright Purchase

  • Available for rental and purchase
  • Full service and maintenance during rental

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