The T26 inflatable room is focused more on bulk and scalable storage yet is still highly portable. The TEMPºSTORE™ 26 follows the same principles that it is a simple-to-use inflatable cold store. It is still compact when deflated, allowing for easy transport. With the unit being highly portable, it can still provide emergency cold storage or provide your business with a portable cold storage solution to meet fluctuations in storage needs.


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General Specifications



From stand-alone units to multiple modules

Interior temperature range change from

-18°C to +8°C / -0.4°F to 46.4°F

Ambient Storage

+2°C to +32°C / 35.6°F to 89.6°F

Deployment Time

4 Hours


Just Inflatable: 330kg (727.5lbs)

Inflation System

Inflation Kit included with package that comprises of 
1 x side channel blowers | 1 x pressure control units | 1 x inflation 5m (16ft) inflation hoses


Can be used alongside a variety of industrial temporary flooring


Medicinal storage, temporary warehouse, food storage, ambient, chilled, packing, shelter

Features & Advantages of the Dawsongroup USA’s T26 Inflatable storage

Each inflatable cold store can fit on just two pallets when deflated, eliminating many access issues and restrictions that could rule out other temperature-controlled solutions. The structure’s height of 12 feet allows for full forklift accessibility, a significant plus that will enable savings to be made on stock handlers.


  • 280 square feet of floor coverage
  • Up to three units can linked
  • Can operate as a holding cooler or holding freezer
  • 32°C (89.6°F) maximum ambient operation
  • Assembled in under 4 hours
  • Can be used with most industrial flooring

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